John Ioannidis on why most clinical research is not useful

John Ioannidis, in his Evidence Live 16 presentation, discussed why most medical research is not useful. He outlined seven features that research needs to cover to be useful and improve practice.

1. Problem based: Is the research studying something important to fix?

2. Context placement: Is there a need for new studies on the topic? What is the information gain?

3. Pragmatism: Does the research reflect real life, real people and real settings?

4. Patient-centeredness: Have we taken into account what patients want to hear, learn, or do?

5. Value for money: Is it worthwhile the investment?

6. Feasibility: Can this research be done?

7. Transparency: are the methods and data protocols accessible?

It would be very valuable for the health design community to reflect on these 7 features of research and discuss what does it mean for our practice, our teaching, our journals and funding institutions; and how can we join efforts and take this opportunity.

See the presentation