Design. Cities. Health.

"Design. Cities. Health in the new economy. Designing for Health & Wellness in an ageing society. A user-centred approach." In June 2016, the Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Polytechnic organized an event on the current challenges faced by healthcare providers, urban architects and planners, and designers to create sustainable healthy cities. 

Some of the speakers were Onny Eikhaug, from the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture; Jeremy Myerson, from the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design; Stacey Chang, from the Design institute for Health at the University of Texas at Austin; and Larry Keeley, from Doblin INC.

In the homepage of the web’s event, it reads: Design – in the broadest sense – presents strategies, mindset, methodologies and solutions to fuel human-centred innovations. Designing for empathy, dignity, stakeholder and community engagement, and wellbeing is a compelling force to create better healthcare infrastructure, services and interfaces, reimagine patient & customer experience, and realise greater efficiency.

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